Stand Up Paddle Board Workshops


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What’s SUP? 

Beginner Basics for Stand Up Paddle Boarding AND Advanced Flatwater Skills

Summer is coming and I know you want to be ready for adventure so let’s dust off the boards and head to the POOL!

NO LEACHES – guaranteed ;)!

If you are new to paddle boarding or you want to learn the basic strokes, turns, braking and board terminology, we have an amazing two session course to get you ready to be safe, efficient and strong on your board. 

What we cover:

  • Board anatomy and terminology
  • Safety considerations
  • Gear for cooler temps and extending your season
  • Standing, sitting, turning, front stroke and braking

If you have paddled for years, but want to UP your game, start here, a proper front stroke is a game changer. 

Where we will paddle 

We are hosting these sessions at the Beaverlodge Pool!!!

We have chosen the pool because we can get started earlier in the season and clients tend to feel more comfortable falling off their boards when they know leeches wont eat their toes. 

The pool has limited private booking spots so the schedule may seem a bit unusual but this is what we were able to come up with within the confines of scheduling through a big facility. 


Friday night

  • 7pm-8pm dry land training
  • 8pm-9pm pool practice 

Sunday night 

  • 5-6pm Pool practice. You may arrive early to pump up your board. 



Add a rental board $20

Refunds We only sell limited spots (insurance measures) so we CANNOT give refunds for these workshops. If you cannot make it, you are welcome to sell or give away your spot to someone else or post it on the JADEFit Community. I do NOT do this for you, as I have multiple things going on right before a workshop. 

Available Dates:

Workshop 1. What’s SUP? Beginner Basics

April 14th 7-9pm & 16th 5-6pm 

Workshop 2. What’s SUP Beginner Basics

May 12th 7-9pm & 14th 5-6pm (yes I realize this is Mother’s Day! Get spoiled at lunch then come and get active 😉

Workshop 3. 

SUP’s Next? Advanced Flat water skills 

This course will add on to what we’ve learned in Basic Flatwater and bring it all together. This is the foundation for river SUP paddling! And we have a great river right here in GP! Sopme of things we will learn are: 

  • Launching into waves.
  • Paddling in waves.
  • Foot positions.
  • Pivot turns.
  • Efficient forward stroke.
  • Draw strokes.
  • Cross draw.
  • Bracing.

Additional information

Course and Gear

April Workshop, May Workshop, June Advanced Workshop, Paddle board rental


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