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What’s SUP Workshops

Learn to use the proper muscles for paddle boarding rather then burning out your shoulders. The secret? CORE engagement and bigger full body movements.

This beginner flatwater course is a great way to start or develop skills to transition to the next level. 

Required as a pre-requisite to Advanced Flatwater Skills.

If you are new to paddle boarding or you want to learn the basic strokes, turns, braking and board terminology, we have an amazing course to get you ready to be safe, efficient and strong on your board. 

What we cover:

  • Board anatomy and terminology
  • Safety considerations
  • Gear for cooler temps and extending your season
  • Proper body engagement
  • Standing, sitting, turning, draw stroke, front stroke and braking

If you have paddled for years, but want to UP your game, start here, a proper front stroke is a game changer. 

Refunds: We only sell limited spots (insurance measures) so we CANNOT give refunds for these workshops. If you cannot make it, you are welcome to sell or give away your spot to someone else or post it Facebook. I do NOT do this for you, as I have multiple things going on right before a workshop. If we have to cancel due to unsafe weather conditions, we will offer a make-up date. 

Available Dates:

Workshop 1. Your Core Will Be Sore Tumbler Ridge

June 6th 6:30-9pm 

Workshop 2. Your Core Will Be Sore Musreau Lake

June 15 6:30pm & June 16th 8am

Paddle Board Socials

A great way to get together, meet other paddlers, enjoy drinks and snacks provided and bathe in the evening light. We choose our locations the week of, based on weather and conditions. We welcome lake kayakers, and stand up paddle boarders. Rentals available. No instruction on these social nights.

Paddle Social Tumbler Ridge June 7th 6:30-9pm

Paddle Social Musreau Lake June 15th 6:45pm

Paddle Social Tumbler Ridge July 6th, 6:30pm

Paddle Social Stoney Lake August 16th 6:30pm


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