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April – June

Hiking 101

Each spring we host a Hiking 101 course. We teach you how to use bear spray, how to stay
safe on the trails, what gear to pack, proper posture for hiking and some Hippie Tips just for fun.
We also take you on a hike! Lots of fun for all ages and fitness levels. See our Calendar of
Events for the next course!


June – September

Paddle Board Workshops and Rentals

We are obsessed with paddle boarding. A fabulous way to spend the day on the lake or river.
Feeling like you need a lesson? No problem, we will take you out, show you the ropes and have
you feeling confident to get out on your own. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.


December – March


We offer weekly group snowshoe events in January, February and March (weather permitting)
We also offer two day trips each season to Tumbler Ridge to take in the beauty of nature in the
winter season. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Learn the Trails

Starting at the end of April we show you all the hiking trails within 10 minutes from Grande
Prairie. We start out with shorter hikes (4km) and progress to longer trips (8km). Group fun,
suitable for ages 12+. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Mountain Peaks

We love to summit mountains! Each spring we train for a mountain experience and by June we
are ready to tackle our first peak! Our guides have tackled many peaks in the Northern Rockies,
Southern Rockies, Kootney’s and Interior BC and we feel blessed to share the experience with
others, especially newbies! See our Calendar of Events for training schedules.

Avalanche Safety

Each season we want to set you up for safety success in the back country by offering a
ski-based Level 1 Avalanche Course. Run by Dave McAleny of HighMark Avalanche Safety, the
course gives you the classroom work and the field work to certify you for Level 1 Avalanche
training. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Peak Bagging for Beginners - Summit Your First Mountain!

Hop into our Learn The Trails program and combine it with strength training for a wicked fitness
combo that will have you “bagging your first peak!” After 8 weeks of training we choose a
mountain that is worthy of summiting. Depending on weather and the group our mountain will be
in Tumbler Ridge or Grande Cache. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Hiking Day Trips

We put on monthly group hikes to Tumbler Ridge and Grande Cache. See the Calendar of
Events for dates and level of difficulty. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Splitboard Basics

Our splitboard camp runs out at Spring Lake Ski Hill. We teach you how to take care of your
board and skins, how to transition, tips and tricks for pack organization and safety in the back
country. See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Beginner Backpacking

Interested in taking an overnight or multi day backpacking trip but need some experience?
We mentor you and set you up for success, then take you on your first overnight trip where we
work out all the kinks. Learn what gear to pack, how to pack your overnight bag, what food to
bring, safety basics, beginner shelter building, ways to start a fire and what plants are edible.
See our Calendar of Events for schedules.

Backpacking Trips

We offer 1 or 2 group backpacking trips each summer. An amazing bonding experience like
nothing else. Get away from the busy, the wifi and work for a weekend in nature. See our
Calendar of Events for schedules.

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