Training For Adventure: Death Race & Emperor’s Challenge


Periodized Plans for endurance races in the mountains


Start Training with a Periodized Plan Feb 1st!

27 Weeks til Death Race

28 Weeks til Emperor’s Challenge

i have run both these amazing races more then once and I would love to partner with you in your journey! This package is geared towards the self starter, the athlete who is disciplined but could use some solid advice on how to “up their game”, stay healthy,  and free from injury.

Choose a periodized plan based on your leg and length of run time. 

Package Includes: 

Assessment and Metrics to form a baseline for improvement. 

Choose a periodized plan based on your leg and length of run time. Transition period, base training, race specific, and tapering. Includes recovery. 

Delivered with Google Docs for an interactive program. 

Phone consult once a week to edit training schedule (Sunday’s)

Regular training updates based on client journey

Strength training program delivered in person every 6 weeks (1 hour)

Assessments every 12 weeks (1.5hrs, would include periodic strength session at same time) 

Plan based on concepts from Huberman labs, Steve House and personal experience with both races. 


Call for your free consult before booking!




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