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What are Packrafts?

Packrafts are small inflatable boats that can be used on lakes, creeks and rivers, including whitewater. 


  • As a means of crossing a river or body of water in the middle of a hike
  • Backpack and raft trips: pack down to fit in a backpack for a hike in – raft out trip
  • Rafting a local river or creek
  • Running whitewater 
  • Fishing
  • Hunting


We rent and sell Kokopelli Rafts. Our rentals are the Kokopelli Nirvana boats. 

How to rent

  1. Choose your boat
  2. Pick the days you need the raft for
  3. Get approval and sign waiver
  4. Pay invoice
  5. Pick up at your convenience with our self serve pick up system – emailed upon payment

Boats available:

  • Nirvana self bailing with T-zip 
    • weighs roughly 9-10lbs packed
    • rated for Class 3 whitewater
    • T-Zip has a pack system for overnight trips.
  • Nirvana Kevlar X self bailing
    • Rated for up to class 5
  • All rentals come with fill bags, electric pump, blow tube, thigh straps, back rest, seat, paddle and standard PFD. 

*you may want to have your own PFD that is the correct size for your body

See boat details here:

Our raft rentals need to be approved prior to payment so I can make sure you have completed the waiver and understand the limitations, safety protocol and set up of the rafts. 

Please note the following:

Replacement costs for rafts: $1900-$2200

Replacement costs for paddles $400

Replacement costs for electric pump $70 – not waterproof! 

If your raft should float down the river without you, or you lose your paddle in the river, it will be up to you to replace it! That goes for theft as well while transporting the boat. 

How to inflate your Kokopelli rental raft

Inflating & Deflating Your Packraft

How to adjust your seat and backbend, video starts at 2:21

Packraft Setup Guide: TPU Packraft

View Waiver here: 

Rental Waiver Corvus


Please make sure you understand the sport of packrafting and have a respect for bodies of water, particularly rivers and creeks. Get proper training before you go and team up with someone who understands waterways. We are hoping to offer some packrafting specific education in the near future!



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