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Kicksleds for Winter Fun

Traditionally used in parts of Europe as a way for citizens to travel across winter roads with a load. In North America kicksledding has become a new way to enjoy winter, get exercise and involve your family in the outdoors. Dog pulled kick sledding is growing rapidly so we have included a variety of harness sizes and a rope system for our clients to try with their own furry friends.



Our adult T6 Large size kicksled fits a person who is roughly 5.0′ to 5’10”

Our child’s T2 Small size fits a little person roughly 3’3″ – 4’2″

*the sleds fold down and are 72 inches long 


Harness Medium: Neck 10.5 inches, Chest 13-14 inches, Body 21-22 inches, LBS 45-50

Harness Large: Neck 11 inches, Chest 15-16 inches, Body 22-23 inches, LBS 55-60

Harness Xtra Large: Neck 11.5 inches, Chest 15-16 inches, Body 23-24 inches, LBS 65-70

Harness 2XL: Neck 12 inches, Chest 16-17 inches, Body 25-26 inches, LBS 75-80

Fitting your dog

If you are unsure on what size of harness your dog needs, you can book a time to bring your dog over and try on the harness. Here is a guide by the manufacturer. To book a time, reach out via text. I am home by 7pm each evening. 780-882-4475

How it works

1. Book a date at least 1 day in advance so I can get your rental ready and put into the self serve lockers or deck area. The system will not let you rent same day bookings. For same day bookings you can try and text me but I may not be available to get your gear ready. 780-882-4475

I work and play away every second weekend. You may notice that certain Sundays are blocked off. If you rent for a Saturday on one of these days, feel free to keep your rental for an extra day and return Sunday evening.

2. Watch for your email confirmation with pick up details, locker or chain combo and waiver

3. Pick up your rental in the corresponding locker or deck space

4. Return rental to the “return” locker or chain on the day they are to be returned



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