1. Full Moon Festival Feb 24/25


Choose a way to participate in our Full Moon Festival. Add your options below. You can come for a half day, stay for dinner and open mic or add a sleepover option. If you want to participate in the fibre art, you can choose that on its own or add it to your 1/2 or full day ticket.


Feb 24/25 Cameron Lakes Lodge and Outdoor Education Center – Beautiful, remote and rustic…

We have rented the lodges at Cameron Lakes and invited some wonderful friends to showcase and share their talents. Outdoor fun includes;

  • Cross Country Skiing (rentals available)
  • Ice Fishing (catch and release)
  • Snowshoeing/Winter Hiking

Art includes;

  • macrame (Textile/fibre art)

Full Moon Celebrations include;

  • a wonderful winter meal (Dinner at 6:00pm)
  • moonlight walk around the property
  • open mic
  • a relatively unplanned evening after party that will flow with the vibe 🙂

Level  1 – 4 (see page bottom)

Cameron Lakes Lodge is an Outdoor Education Center owned by the School District just North of Moberly Lake. It is a stunning property on two small lakes surrounded by trails.

Saturday 1:00pm 

Join us at this beautiful location to celebrate the Snow Moon by x-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing or winter hiking and then settle into the lodge for a delicious dinner, music and more. For those who like to watch winter from indoors we have a variety of artists lined up to do workshops in the lodge during the afternoon. We will meet indoors in the big lodge before dinner to warm up and mingle before dinner. This is where day guests say good-bye and overnight guests set up their sleeping arrangements. 

Saturday night

Dinner at 6pm

Moonlit snowshoe/hike around the property to view the Full Moon

Open Mic music

Refreshment bar

Staying Overnight? Cameron Lakes is kind of in the middle of nowhere….so if you need to stay the night, you have a couple options.

Cabin Bunk

The lodge is set up for childrens camps and there are no private cabins. However, sleepovers are possible in the bunk style cabins. This means you bring your own sleeping bags and pillows and take yourself back to when you had a bunk sleepover at summer camp. This is ideal for a group of friends to share.

The cabin sleeps up to 20.

Private Hotel Room

If a bunk style sleepover is not your idea of fun, grab a more private room in Hudson Hope at the Stillwater Inn. The hotel is just 18min from the Lake.


Winter Camp!

We have a couple friends who want to try winter camping and this is absolutely available to guests if you crave this type of adventure. There is plenty of room to set up a four season tent, build a Quinzhee or a snow shelter and practice those skills with the option to duck into the lodge if things get too rough.

Sunday morning

Continental style breakfast will be served, and yoga will be practiced in the main lodge.

We will have electricity at the lodge but NO RUNNING WATER – this means you must use the newly renovated, high class outhouses. (We plan to heat them as well!) 

Additional information

Choose how you would like to participate in our Winter Festival and Add to Cart

1/2 Day Outdoor Activities 1-5pm, Full Day Includes Dinner and Open Mic 1-late, Macrame Lanterns, Add an overnight bunk plus yoga and breakfast


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