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Backpacking, Packrafting or Both

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Outdoor Info Session

April 5th 

Join Team JADE and guest guide, Ben Brochu for an amazing information night that will answer all your questions about backpacking and packrafting. We will have gear set up for you to touch, feel, try out and ask questions about.

Hosted at Trekker’s Outdoor we have split this night into two sessions


  • Backpacking with ACMG certified guide Jolaina Hahn and owner operator of JADEFit Danielle Roscher. 
  • We go over how to set up your pack, what gear is essential and what can be left behind, how to pack, different systems for cooking and water filtration and favorite overnights in our area. 


Packrafting with adventurer, guide and packrafting pioneer, Ben Brochu. (See bio below)

  • We will have gear set up for you to touch, feel, try out and ask questions about.
  • Ben will bring a variety of packrafts and give an overview of the different designs and manufacturers.
  • He will also be talking about what makes packrafting so special, how to get into and grow in the sport
  • He will highlight some recommended (and not recommended) trips. 

You will be sent home with a guide to purchasing, what to pack, and tips to get started on your summer 2023 adventure plans

You will also have the opportunity to purchase gear through Trekkers and through Dee as a Level 6 Dealer. Level 6 is a Canadian company specializing in paddle gear including Kokpelli Packrafts, Stand Up Paddle Boards and safety equipment such as PFD’s, splash suits, wetsuits and drysuits. Anyone who attends will receive 10% off all orders made within the week. 

3 options 

  1. One hour backpacking session 6:00-7:00pm (pizza AFTERWARDS)
  2. One hour packrafting session 7:15-8:15pm (pizza BEFORE) 
  3. Stay for both sessions and enjoy Daddio’s pizza at half time! 
  4. 10% off any orders from Level 6 or Kokopelli

Cost $40


Ben Brochu is a lifelong adventurer and guide. With a background in Wildlife Management and Eco-tourism, he has worked in the outfitting industry since the age of 16, traveling to over 50 countries and leading humanitarian work on 4 continents. Discovering packrafting in 2012, Ben has worked with many of the leading packraft  manufacturers in design, testing and distribution. Trained in packrafting-specific swift water rescue, he and teammates have successfully navigated several first descents in the Canadian Rockies and Coast Mountains, incorporating hiking, fishing, cycling, climbing and glacier mountaineering with whitewater, lake, and ocean paddling.  He is experienced in wilderness survival, aviation, sailing and a broad range of outdoor disciplines. Ben is a father of four whose passion is to see people reach their potential in the great outdoors.

Danielle Roscher is a personal trainer and OCC Hiking guide. She was introduced to the outdoors early on, hunting with her dad but fell away from the lifestyle for a chunk of time before she came back to outdoor life when she met her mentor, Roland Deihl. Danielle or “Dee” learned to adventure through ice and rock climbing, glacier mountaineering, biking, paddling and hiking. She has summited some of Canada’s tallest peaks and spent time overseas climbing, biking, hiking and exploring. She is an avid paddle boarder, and loves to packraft as well (but is still learning!) Her passion is to give others the courage to tackle their outdoor dreams and realize their own adventures. She has run JADEFit for three years and led 100’s of outdoor newbies on their first hikes, mountain summits and overnight trips. 

Jolaina Hahn is an avid hiker and honeybee apiarist. She loves the natural world and immerses herself in it by doing solo adventures with herself and her hammock, or more recently her van, Luna. You might find her foraging for plants and berries to be made into beauty products and she keeps a lively honey farm on her property where her Hahny Bee’s make Hahny Bee Honey. Jolaina has done many multi day trips including Mist Mountain, Kakwa Wildlands, Tonquin Valley and more. Jolaina has worked with JADEFit since the beginning of it’s conception in 2023. We couldn’t do these trips without her! 


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